A low cost upstyled wedding idea!


Some of you may not know that in my real life I own & run wedding & event company – Parfait Weddings & Events – Australia. So every so often a little wedding or party tip that I just can’t keep to myself is going to pop up on this here blog!

This little project is something I put together for a rather large wedding this past weekend (the groom arrived to the ceremony via helicopter – very James Bond!). Even though this was a big, fancy wedding it was the little touches just like this one that made the day personal and intimate. Plus it is super low cost – just the way we like it here at Our Upcycled Life!

Behold…individual tissue packs ‘for your happy tears’


  • Purse size tissue packs (roughly one each for half of the congregation)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Tags printed with a sweet message along the lines of ‘for your happy tears’


Firstly head to your local dollar shop and pick up some purse size packs of tissues.

Take each out of it’s packet and stack to one side.

To save time measuring your twine do a test run tying around one tissue packet and use this as a guide. Mine were approx. 50cm long.


Tie each tissue pack with twine and attach your tag with a pretty bow. 


Stack in a cute box or basket and have your usher hand out to guests upon arrival.