Vintage Window Photo Display

A few months back we picked up two vintage window’s from a council clean up with the intention of transforming them into something amazing – a blackboard for the kitchen?



A cute table?



Or some garden art?



In the end we decided to use them to display our favourite photos like so!


Pick out enough photo’s to fill each segment of your window and head to your local photo printer to have them printed (Note: you can ask for custom sizing over the counter even if it is not offered at the self service machines, we had to request square prints for the smaller segments as this wasn’t a standard size)

Give your window frame and glass a good clean with vinegar & a damp cloth. Allow to completely dry.

Attach your photos to the back side of the glass with invisible double sided tape or spray glue (available at Spotlight).

And your all done, a super easy and quick transformation from household cast off to beautiful decor piece!


Plant Stand to Bookshelf Upstyle


I will let you all in on a little secret. I love the tip! Well more specifically the tip shop. These little store’s save useable items from landfill and offer them up to the public for dirt cheap prices. All of the materials for this project came from the tip shop (even the paint!) which means the total spend added up to just $8. Think outside the square when trawling tip shops and recycling centre’s, many items can be repurposed and used for things they weren’t necessarily designed for.

Check out how we transformed this rugged plant stand into a bang on trend bookshelf…


We gave the shelves a light sand and a wipe down to remove any dust & grime. Then painted with two coats of teal paint in a semi-gloss. Let dry overnight (don’t be tempted to leave it just until it is touch dry, your paint will chip and scratch off if you don’t allow to dry completely).


I like to have keepsakes and trinkets in the house however they can create a cluttered feeling very quickly. I find the best solution is to group them all on one place like we have done with this bookshelf. It creates an interesting feature in the room while keeping the clutter condensed to one place.

(Super Easy) Painted Chevron Table Runner


I like to throw dinner parties. On a whim. For no reason. It makes me happy to feed people and surround them in prettiness. We held such a dinner party recently and with just a few hours to prepare & zero budget for décor we had to get crafty!


Roll of brown craft paper (30-40cm wide)

Wide paint brush

Yellow poster paint


Measuring tape


Measure your table and add an extra 2 feet to the length if you would like your runner to hang over the edges.

Roll out the roll of brown craft paper and cut to your desired length.

Now you have a couple of choices here. I painted the chevron pattern free hand but if you don’t have a steady hand you can measure out the pattern with pencil and use painters tape to mark it out. I simply made my chevron’s the thickness of the brush which kept everything nice and uniform. Plus I like the imperfections, which added to the ‘handmade look’. But each to their own!

Let dry and style up your table. I added lot’s of pillar candles that had been half used at a previous dinner party. The beauty of this tablescape is that the wax from the candles drips straight onto the paper runner, which can be tossed out afterwards. Savvy and saves cleaning up – a winner in my books!

pic for blog

Paper Straw Flags

And because I hate waste and can’t resist paper straws I also whizzed up these straw flags with the craft paper scraps & leftover paint.

Cut 4’ x ½’ rectangles from the brown paper and stick a strip of double sided tape across the back. Fold around your paper straw and snip out a triangle to create the oh so cute flag shape. Paint your guests names on one side and voila! You have a pretty party decoration and place cards.


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