Plant Stand to Bookshelf Upstyle


I will let you all in on a little secret. I love the tip! Well more specifically the tip shop. These little store’s save useable items from landfill and offer them up to the public for dirt cheap prices. All of the materials for this project came from the tip shop (even the paint!) which means the total spend added up to just $8. Think outside the square when trawling tip shops and recycling centre’s, many items can be repurposed and used for things they weren’t necessarily designed for.

Check out how we transformed this rugged plant stand into a bang on trend bookshelf…


We gave the shelves a light sand and a wipe down to remove any dust & grime. Then painted with two coats of teal paint in a semi-gloss. Let dry overnight (don’t be tempted to leave it just until it is touch dry, your paint will chip and scratch off if you don’t allow to dry completely).


I like to have keepsakes and trinkets in the house however they can create a cluttered feeling very quickly. I find the best solution is to group them all on one place like we have done with this bookshelf. It creates an interesting feature in the room while keeping the clutter condensed to one place.


5 thoughts on “Plant Stand to Bookshelf Upstyle

  1. I love the color, too…had my writing studio painted that color…maybe you bought the leftover paint! Thanks for following Miss Molly. I’m going to be following you, too. Great site…

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